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People who took our online class during COVID-19 had this to say:

Given the continued need to physically distance, the size of our room rentals and the evolving state of our global pandemic, OCEA will continue to offer all classes online throughout 2022.
We dearly want to support the health of expectant families.

Lilly is a wonderful educator. She has vast knowledge of the subject along with calm and reassuring demeanor, patience and excellent communication skills. We enjoyed listening and learning from her.

Pre Natal – with Lilly Bianchi

The prenatal class we took with OCEA was informative and reassuring. We appreciated the experience our instructor brought to the class both as a midwife and a mom. We appreciated that facts were shared in context to make stats less scary as well as providing a broader understanding of labour and delivery. Would recommend!

Pre Natal – with Julia Wykes

Julie was very kind, attentive and informative. We found the course information credible and were comforted by the fact that she has midwifery training. We are strongly considering taking the "Bringing Baby Home" course as well. Thank you for adapting the course material.

Pre Natal – with Julia Wykes

Erin is AMAZING! She is warm, supportive and beyond knowledgeable. She is always available to answer questions. The way she presents information is truly superior. I’m sad that our course is over and we won’t see her on a regular basis. Erin truly made the experience. My husband and I are so happy we took this course and had her as our instructor. Thank you so much, Erin!!

Bringing Baby Home – with Erin Shaheen

Last weekend I was feeling super anxious about the unknowns of the birthing process, particularly in light of Covid-19. I feel so much better now after having taken this course. I feel much more educated, adequately prepared, and the fear of the unknown - while not gone, is way more in check now. Thank-you!

Pre Natal – with Julia Wykes

Brandie made me feel much more relaxed about how to manage pain during this class- and I loved the massage techniques that she taught our partners

Pre Natal – with Brandie Lekovic

She was great! I really appreciated all of her knowledge and ease of communication even in a new format that is by default distant. I took away a lot of really useful information.

Bringing Baby Home – with Erin Shaheen

Discussions and candid disclosure of information about various topics

Pre Natal – with Julia Wykes

The educator, Erin, was so friendly, kind, and easy to talk to. She did an excellent job and we really enjoyed seeing her on Tuesdays :)

Bringing Baby Home – with Erin Shaheen

Was able to do it from the comfort of my home

Bringing Baby Home – with Brandie Lekovic

Michelle is an excellent instructor. Her presentations and commentary were useful and very insightful for first time parents. I appreciated that she took the time to answer all questions that came up during class and handled difficult or more contentious topics with grace and nuance that respects that some solutions will have to be tailored to the baby, mother or family preferences. She also provided us with a wealth of resources that have been useful. My husband and myself both feel better-prepared for birth and the postpartum period thanks to this class.

Pre Natal – with Michelle Morra

Our educator was fantastic. We were really impressed by her. She knew her material, but was engaging and interesting, even remotely for the first time. We felt she was careful with her word choices. She had a pleasant demeanor and was very adaptable and responsive based on our questions and based on the new format of the course without any issues. We would highly recommend this course, but we would recommend any class with her particularly. She made us believe we could bring home a baby and we would all survive!

Bringing Baby Home – with Erin Shaheen

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