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Infant sleep class

Are you an exhausted parent that has tried everything and cannot get your baby to sleep? Do you want to find a solution that is not crying it out?

We will be creating a space for parents to follow their instincts when it comes to their new baby, which will allow them to set the stage for optimal brain development. We want to spread the word that babies wake up through the night, and for good reason. We want to share the other side of the sleep story!   We will address identifying individual and family needs, creating support systems and providing a safe place for parents to share stories that support evidence-based sleep patterns.  

Cost of classes is $60.  (CAD) (per couple)

Toddler Sleep Class

Are you getting ready to return to work, move your toddler out of the crib or drop some naps? 

Navigating the newness and bringing in some predictability to wind down and bedtime routines can help make the transitions smoother. Come join us for 2 hours of brainstorming toddler bedtimes and individual Q & A after class.

Strategies will focus on attachment theory, the need for connection and gently supporting toddlers and young children to sleep, particularly during all of the additional changes that Covid-19 is bringing to the family dynamics.  Particular attention will be given to teamwork strategies when two parents are involved and available for bedtime rhythms.
Cost of class is per family and a small workbook will be given in class for developing family strategies. 

People who took our online class during COVID-19 had this to say:

Given the continued need to physically distance, the size of our room rentals and the evolving state of our global pandemic, OCEA will continue to offer all classes online throughout 2022.
We dearly want to support the health of expectant families.

Highly recommend taking this course. There is so much information available out there, but to have it consolidated into a series of classes led by a fantastic educator made us feel confident in moving towards our next phase of life with our newborn. Erin is endlessly knowledgeable and patient, she is well-versed with all the most up to date research and health guidelines, and her familiarity of local resources is amazing. There is so much to learn, but this class made it feel manageable.

Bringing Baby Home – with Erin Shaheen

The prenatal course was so thorough and really helped us feel ready for this next big step in our lives. The instructor was so knowledgeable, kind, supportive, and just an all-around amazing teacher. The course helped relieve our anxieties about the birthing process, and what to expect afterwards, we feel so much more confident now. Thank you!

Pre Natal – with Lilly Bianchi

Lily made online learning more community like than we thought was possible! It was also very nice to learn from the comfort of our own home!

Pre Natal – with Lilly Bianchi

We highly recommend taking classes with OCEA. Instructors are beyond knowledgeable and so warm and helpful. We learned SO much and now have a wealth of resources to tap into when needed!

Bringing Baby Home – with Erin Shaheen

It really prepared us for the journey we are about to experience, we highly recommend everyone who is going to have their babies to take this prenatal sessions. Removes the fears and unknowns about childbirth. Being able to share your knowledge and experiences with the other new parents in the class was very helpful.

Pre Natal – with Julia Wykes

I was recommended Ottawa CEO Pre Natal by our midwife and I am so happy my partner and I took the course, as there was so much that we did not know! The 6 part class allowed us to digest and reflect on the information at a pace that helped ensure we fully understood the stages of labour, comfort measures available and post natal expectations. Our instructor, Michelle, was very personable, informative and answered all of our questions thoroughly. We certainly feel more confident entering the final phase of pregnancy after taking this class. Thank you Michelle!

Pre Natal – with Michelle Morra

Julia was an amazing educator and I would highly recommend her and this course to new parents. It was incredibly helpful.

Pre Natal – with Julia Wykes

Great course! Erin is so knowledgeable. We feel like this course will save us a lot of money and angst once the baby is born. I really appreciated how current the information was and the information about local options we can use to get help and support. I wish every new family could take part in this course!

Bringing Baby Home – with Erin Shaheen

Very fun and informative! Lily made online learning more community like than we thought possible! It was great to experience online learning from the comfort of our own home!

Pre Natal – with Lilly Bianchi

Julia was so helpful and answered all the questions I had which really helped to ease some of the anxiousness I've been facing with covid19 restrictions in place and how it may impact my birth experience. I am so thankful for her knowledge and care!

Pre Natal – with Julia Wykes

Julia was very informative and engaging. She kept the topics interesting through the online format.

Pre Natal – with Julia Wykes

Misty was wonderful! Very knowledgeable, approachable, encouraging, warm - we appreciate it so much, especially in the current climate of unknowns. This course was a great experience - will recommend!

Pre Natal – with Misty Pratt

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