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April 30, 2022, 9:08 a.m.

We had our first communication workshop this week and it was AMAZING! We gave away one copy of "Raising Good Humans" by Hunter Clarke-Fields in a draw for our participants. If you missed it, the next session will run over two Mondays June 20 & 27 from 7-9:15 pm, facilitated by Lilly.

Lilly has been working with parents-to-be and new families for over 30 years as a birth doula, midwife, postpartum doula and early parenting coach. She has been teaching with OCEA for 10 years She can be reached independently at http://lillybianchi.ca

Register here: Communication Workshop

We will address conversation roadblocks; those phrases that make you cringe as a new (or experienced) parent

"We didn’t do it that way

Just calm down

What you need is…

You should …"

How to practice and incorporate rescue phrases, which help you buy time when you feel uncertain or uncomfortable in a conversation and help you postpone decision making until you feel the time is right for you

"Thank you, I’ll take some time to think about that and get back to you

Let’s find a middle ground that works for both of us" 


A silouette of two people in the distance sitting on chairs under a tree at sunset having a conversation In order to celebrate flipping the calendar over to the sweet, warm month of May, and to celebrate May 4th, we will be giving away a Gift Certificate for $50 for the Red Apron !!!
In order to have your name put into the draw, register for any of our after birth classes, including the Infant Sleep class, Infant Massage or Baby at the Table!

Our next Infant sleep class is running from May 30th-June 20th 

An alternative to traditional sleep training, this four-week class will delve into normalizing newborn sleep patterns, identifying times of change and strategies for coping.


Baby at the Table, a class for parents whose babies are getting ready to start solids, will run from Wednesday, May 4-May 25. Join us to create new family traditions around the table, understand the changing recommendations around solids, and feel confident offering your favourite meals to your baby.   

Infant massage has been shown to reduce crying, help with gassy bellies, encourage sleep, and support parents in learning how to read their baby’s body language. Join Brandie starting this Monday, May 2-May 23!


Did you know? 

Misty Pratt will be stepping back from teaching with OCEA to pursue an amazing opportunity as the Senior Communications Officer with ICES, an independent research organization in Ontario. Congratulations to Misty!