April Monthly Newsletter

April 14, 2020, 12:34 p.m.

We know it's been a tough adjustment for everyone as we deal with COVID-19 and physical distancing. Here at OCEA we worked non stop to bring you our wonderful classes in an online format without interruption. Same content and same amazing teachers, but now we'll get to see each other's smiling faces live over Zoom!

Because of the changing needs of our communities, Prenatal and Postnatal classes around the country have been cancelled. We are opening our classes to individuals and families ACROSS CANADA. We would love for you to share this news with any friends or family seeking pre- and postnatal support during the pandemic.

Here’s what participants are saying about our online classes:

“My partner and I were both really happy with how easy Zoom was to use. Brandie made it feel like we were really in class!” ~ Prenatal one-day class with Brandie Lekovic

“This class strikes a great balance between super practical guidance and insights on day-to-day life with a new baby, and also up to date, thoroughly referenced, scientifically-backed health information and parenting discourse.” ~ Bringing Baby Home class with Erin Shaheen

Prenatal Classes

We continue to offer our one-day, two-day and evening prenatal classes in an online format. We will cover all of our regular topics, including the stages and phases of labour and birth, signs and symptoms to expect, comfort measures, unexpected outcomes, postpartum recovery and infant feeding. The class will be fully interactive, with fun and helpful visuals, videos and on-camera demonstrations. You can visit our list of upcoming classes on our website: https://ottawacea.com/pre_natal

Postpartum Classes

Our BRINGING BABY HOME class is all about adjusting to life with a new baby, diapering, sleep, car seats, feeding and so much more. We will be sending you a list of materials that you can gather in your home in order to make this session interactive. See a list of upcoming classes here: 


We are also excited to announce that we have three new virtual offerings for new (and returning!) parents:




At home with a new baby and feeling isolated, overwhelmed or both? (You’re not alone!)

Wondering if you’re doing it all wrong? (You’re not!)

Join Lilly for *FREE* virtual drop-ins. You’ll be able to have your questions answered, your worries eased, and find out more about caring for your new baby - and yourselves as parents.

Lilly has been working with new families for 30 years,  as a birth doula, midwife, teacher and postpartum doula.




Infant Massage has shown to increase oxytocin (the feel-good hormone) and decrease cortisol (stress hormone) for both babies and caregivers.  We all need a little more of this, especially at this time!  While others are social distancing we will be encouraging special contact with those you care about and have in reach.

OCEA is offering live online opportunities to learn this skill and to connect (with us, others, and your baby). Classes run for 4 sessions over 2 weeks (Wednesdays & Fridays) for just $50. We have reduced the fee by $25 as an offering to help families through COVID-19 isolation.

Visit our website for registration: https://ottawacea.com/special_events#infant-massage



Are you an exhausted parent that has tried everything and cannot get your baby to sleep? Do you want to find a solution that is not crying it out? Join Erin as she shares the other side of the sleep story! Erin will address how to identify individual and family needs, create support systems and provide a safe place for parents to share stories that support evidence-based sleep patterns.  Bring your baby, have some tea and create a sense of community.

Begins Tuesday April 28th at 9:45am. Cost of  just $50. We have reduced the fee by $25 as an offering to help families through COVID-19 issolation.

Visit our website for registration: https://ottawacea.com/sleep/


Our CPR CLASSES will be resuming online this month!  Join us for our live instruction that Is your baby getting ready to start solids?  Does the idea of Baby Led Weaning leave you feeling fearful of choking? Join us for a session that addresses the gag reflex, normal behaviours when introducing solids and more!  https://ottawacea.com/cpr

  • Home safety and injury prevention for babies and children
  • Definition of CPR
  • Performing CPR on children and infants CPR one-rescuer
  • Clearing airway obstructions in children and infants (choking)
  • Barrier Devices
  • CPR and the Heimlich on adults
  • Recognition of cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest


We are hoping that those who know and love OttawaCEA will share thier experiences and this link widely. Thank you for your support. We are thinking of you